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I love my baby, Mama, but I really don’t want a baby right now.
- Lakeisha's Mom
Book Excerpt
What happened, Lord? Why did you take them and leave me?
- Lakeisha Marion
Book Excerpt
Mommy, where’s my daddy?
- Young Lakeisha
Book Excerpt
I was so blessed to live in a house with plenty of aunts and uncles who loved and looked after me
- Lakeisha Marion
Book Excerpt
My greatest desire now is to help as many people as I possibly can to achieve the same
- Lakeisha Marion
Book Excerpt

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Who Is Lakeisha Marion

Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Wealth Strategist

Lakeisha Marion always knew she was here for a higher purpose, even though the beginning of her life didn’t seem that way. Born to a teenage mother, Lakeisha was raised with love, in a home where she lived with her grandmother. But when she was thirteen-years-old, a car accident that killed two of her aunts and her sister, left Lakeisha with more questions than answers about life. She was the only one to survive the tragedy and for the rest of her life, she would ask God why.

As she tried to navigate through life filled with that question and an emptiness from losing those closest to her, Lakeisha found herself searching for her purpose, wanting to know the answer to why God would have her survive. Her path was not a straight one and there were many times when Lakeisha felt like she’d lost her way as she strayed from her Christian upbringing.

When Lakeisha was introduced to a network marketing company, she found a whole new world. This was a perfect place for her. She loved speaking to people, loved working with people, loved motivating people and within a year of joining this company, Lakeisha was a top earner. Still, there were a few stumbling blocks in front of her, but when she began to build her relationship with God once again, her world opened up. She excelled and became a million-dollar earner.

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About The Book

From Tragedy to Triumph is the story of Lakeisha Marion’s journey and how she faced her daily challenges, searched for her purpose and found her way through God’s guidance, grace and mercy.

She shares her story to empower, educate and equip women, hoping to show everyone that we have a power within us and when we ignite that, we can achieve our greatest dreams because, with God, all things are possible.